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New: Subscription by Money Order

Due to pressures by US law makers, Visa and MasterCard are succumbing to legal restrictions on credit card processing by adult related websites. Therefore we will no longer be able to process credit cards for your subscriptions.

If you advertise on Backpage, or are a member of the TER, you are already familiar with these industry changes as they have also been forced to convert to alternate methods of payment..

National Blacklist has been assisting in escort safety screening since May of 2005, and we intend to continue to serve escorts for another 10 years and beyond. For now we will be accepting Money Orders. The upside with this payment method is that you will enjoy a greater level of anonymity and privacy protection.

For subscription processing....
1) Please fill out the form below
2) Mail the form and your money order to the address provided.
3) Allow 5-7 days for processing

Protecting Your Time and Personal Safety costs only .66 cents a day.


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