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Articles and Tips for Escort Safety:


Escort's Safety Tips This is "The List Escorts should follow this comprehensive list of tips to make their experiences safer from time wasters, or potential abusers. Be street aware. Look and listen to what's happening around you when you walk into a customer's hotel room or home, and take note of it. Have a set of operating rules and stick to them. These things and others may help you recognize vice cops staging a sting, or dangerous customers who may hurt you or rip you off.

  Most Popular Articles The Most Popular Articles: These are the stories of four professional female escorts, told in their own words. "I’ve been an adult escort for a year and a half. I got into this by accident. I went online to a chatroom about picking up escorts. My intention was to flame these perverts, but instead I was fascinated. I had never heard of terms like in-call and out-call. I said in the chatroom that I was an escort."  
  The Importance of Reporting Violence The Importance of Reporting Violence: Reporting helps escorts regain a sense of personal power and control. Reporting allows the victim access to specialized medical care. Reporting helps preserve evidence which could be valuable in prosecuting. Reporting helps survivors resolve concerns about personal safety and security. Reporting does not mean prosecution is certain, but if pursued later, the first steps have been taken. Reporting helps others avoid similar circumstances.  
  Working Smart Tips From other Escorts to help make you more effective. Professional female eescorts talk frankly about their lives, their clients, and the way computers have changed their job. In many ways, escorting is just a job for these women, though the money makes them among the highest-paid professionals in America. See what's been going on in the rest of the country lately.  

Important Safety Articles for Escorts and Strippers


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Security Tip #4 — Please jot down all information a caller provides on a clearly marked piece of paper for later reference.


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